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    Low Vision Support Group

    Join Dr. Don Fletcher, one of the world’s leading authorities on Low Vision Rehabilitation, to share experiences and learn about the things that help you maintain a full and happy life while living with low vision.

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    Braille, Assistive Technology, and Reading Comprehension

    This project explores the impact of presentation mode (braille vs. audio) and using different assistive technology (i.e., refreshable braille displays and screen reader) on reading comprehension ability.

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    vov9 - 4b

    My Vision on Vision

    These short chapters summarize insights that I have gained from more than four decades working in vision rehabilitation.

    They provide a broader perspective that may be missing in our daily routines, when focused on specific details.

    Vision involves much more than visual acuity alone. Vision serves our understanding of the environment and our ability to interact with it. To improve all aspects of that interaction is the mission of Vision Rehabilitation.

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    Black and white image of Golden Gate Bridge in fog. Text: Be descriptive, be brief, be part of the solution.

    Describeathon 2019 Announced!

    Join Describeathon 2019! Help make YouTube videos more accessible to blind viewers by adding your voice to this day of description.

    Use YouDescribe, our free web-based description tool, to describe the visuals of your favorite YouTube videos and have fun doing it!

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    overTHERE icon: Globe image with pointing finger


    overTHERE is a virtual Talking Signs iPhone app for blind and visually-impaired pedestrians that demonstrates a powerful audio/haptic interface to location information about businesses and other points of interest.

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    Neonatal Jaundice and Vision Loss

    High concentrations of unconjugated bilirubin are neurotoxic and cause brain damage in newborn infants. However, the exact level of bilirubin that may be neurotoxic in a given infant is unknown.

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    Visual Cortical Function in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

    Preterm infants are at high risk of visual and neural developmental deficits. We used swept parameter visual evoked potential (sVEP) to determine whether premature birth alters visual cortical function.

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    Image of Dr. Miele working with an Arduino board

    Blind Arduino Project

    The Blind Arduino Project grew out of a community effort led by Dr. Miele in late 2015 to better understand barriers faced by blind people wanting to participate in the vibrant global culture of DIY hardware prototyping.

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    ivasearch sample 2

    Functional Assessment - Visual Fields

    Most patients are unaware of their visual field defects and scotomata, be it from AMD, from glaucoma, from RP, or from other causes.

    Dr. Colenbrander developed an improved functional scoring system for visual fields, as part of the Functional Vision Score system (see Guidelines)

    Preliminary implementation of the Functional Vision Score system on the Humphrey Field Analyzer. August Colenbrander, MD, Marc F. Lieberman, MD, Daniel C. Schainholz, MD. Perimetry Update 1992/93, (Proceedings of the International Perimetric Society, Kyoto, October 1992), Kugler publications, 1993, pp 487-496.

    Dr. Colenbrander later developed a visual search test as a fast screening test for scotomata, implemented on a smartphone or tablet. [PDF]