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    overTHERE is a virtual Talking Signs iPhone app for blind and visually-impaired pedestrians that demonstrates a powerful audio/haptic interface to location information about businesses and other points of interest.

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    Neonatal Jaundice and Vision Loss

    High concentrations of unconjugated bilirubin are neurotoxic and cause brain damage in newborn infants. However, the exact level of bilirubin that may be neurotoxic in a given infant is unknown.

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    Visual Cortical Function in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

    Preterm infants are at high risk of visual and neural developmental deficits. We used swept parameter visual evoked potential (sVEP) to determine whether premature birth alters visual cortical function.

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    Image of Dr. Miele working with an Arduino board

    Blind Arduino Project

    The Blind Arduino Project grew out of a community effort led by Dr. Miele in late 2015 to better understand barriers faced by blind people wanting to participate in the vibrant global culture of DIY hardware prototyping.

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    Functional Assessment - Visual Fields

    Most patients are unaware of their visual field defects and scotomata, be it from AMD, from glaucoma, from RP, or from other causes. Dr. Colenbrander developed an improved functional scoring system for visual fields, as part of the Functional Vision Score system (see Guidelines)

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    Functional Assessment - Visual Acuity

    Visual acuity is a mainstay for the assessment of “How the EYE functions”. Traditional, non-logarithmic, visual acuity charts, however, are inaccurate for visual acuities worse than 20/100.

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    Functional Assessment - Reading

    Difficulty reading is the most common complaint of low vision patients.  It is the Activity of Daily Living that is most closely related to visual acuity, but involves many additional factors beyond. 

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    Functional Assessment - Contrast Sensitivity

    For eye doctors measuring contrast sensitivity loss during routine eye exams is not a priority, since contrast losses are not disease specific and do not guide treatment decisions. 

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    Functional Assessment - Book Chapters

    Categorization of visual functioning requires appropriate measurement methods.  Dr. Colenbrander has discussed the principles of functional assessment in several book chapters.

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    Functional Assessment - Guidelines and Reports

    Combining his interests in classification and in vision rehabilitation, Dr. Colenbrander has promoted a better understanding of the various aspects of vision loss, their causes, and above all their consequences for the person.