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    Functional Assessment - Visual Acuity

    Visual acuity is a mainstay for the assessment of “How the EYE functions”. Traditional, non-logarithmic, visual acuity charts, however, are inaccurate for visual acuities worse than 20/100.

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    Functional Assessment - Reading

    Difficulty reading is the most common complaint of low vision patients.  It is the Activity of Daily Living that is most closely related to visual acuity, but involves many additional factors beyond. 

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    Functional Assessment - Contrast Sensitivity

    For eye doctors measuring contrast sensitivity loss during routine eye exams is not a priority, since contrast losses are not disease specific and do not guide treatment decisions. 

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    Functional Assessment - Book Chapters

    Categorization of visual functioning requires appropriate measurement methods.  Dr. Colenbrander has discussed the principles of functional assessment in several book chapters.

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    Functional Assessment - Guidelines and Reports

    Combining his interests in classification and in vision rehabilitation, Dr. Colenbrander has promoted a better understanding of the various aspects of vision loss, their causes, and above all their consequences for the person.

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    list of Disorders of the Visual Organs

    Classification and Coding Projects

    One of Dr Colenbrander's persistent interests has been in classification and coding. In the 1960’s he participated in the development of a new ophthalmic coding system in the Netherlands.

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    Logo: Smith-Kettlewell RERC -- Future Directions in Blindness and Low Vision

    State of the Science Conference On Rehabilitation Technology & Methods For a Changing Population

    Date: Friday, December 4, 2015

    Location: The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, 2318 Fillmore St., San Francisco CA 94115

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    Door Entry

    This project has developed a system to give accessibility to blind people.

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    Reading Random Word Sequences (The SKread Test)

    This vision test shows random word sequences that prevent the prediction of upcoming words by linguistic criteria and is simple to score in a clinical setting.

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    The Macular Mapping Test

    The Macular Mapping Test (MMT) is a tool for the assessment of the topography of vision. It is a quick and low-cost alternative to conventional perimetry in practical low vision care.

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    Self-exploration of the Visual Field

    Patients with spots of diminished or no vision (scotomas) often do not realize the nature of their deficit. This technique can help patients to heighten their awareness of scotomas.

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    Is Macular Degeneration just Macular?

    Diminished motion perception was used as indicator of early effects of eye diseases in the periphery of the visual field. We investigated whether subtle defects in patients with age-related maculopathy (ARM) can be found in regions of the retina that lie outside the macula, i.e.