• Completed

    Focal Attention and Letter Recognition

    We studied letter recognition in 8 deg eccentricity from the fovea after attracting sustained focal attention to the stimulated location by a cue. Young and elderly healthy subjects, as well as patients with central vision loss participated.

  • Functional Assessment - Book Chapters

    Categorization of visual functioning requires appropriate measurement methods.  Dr. Colenbrander has discussed the principles of functional assessment in several book chapters.

  • Functional Assessment - Contrast Sensitivity

    For eye doctors measuring contrast sensitivity loss during routine eye exams is not a priority, since contrast losses are not disease specific and do not guide treatment decisions. 

  • Functional Assessment - Guidelines and Reports

    Combining his interests in classification and in vision rehabilitation, Dr. Colenbrander has promoted a better understanding of the various aspects of vision loss, their causes, and above all their consequences for the person.

  • Functional Assessment - Reading

    Difficulty reading is the most common complaint of low vision patients.  It is the Activity of Daily Living that is most closely related to visual acuity, but involves many additional factors beyond. 

  • Functional Assessment - Visual Acuity

    Visual acuity is a mainstay for the assessment of “How the EYE functions”. Traditional, non-logarithmic, visual acuity charts, however, are inaccurate for visual acuities worse than 20/100.

  • Functional Assessment - Visual Fields

    Most patients are unaware of their visual field defects and scotomata, be it from AMD, from glaucoma, from RP, or from other causes. 

  • Active

    Go and Nogo Decision Making

    The decision to make or withhold a saccade has been studied extensively using a go-nogo paradigm, but little is known about the decision process underlying pursuit of moving objects. Prevailing models describe pursuit as a feedback system that responds reactively to a moving stimulus.

  • Brain activation & suppression during blindfolded memory-guided drawing; the primary visual cortex (V1) is isolated by profound extrastriate suppression.

    Harnessing the Power of Drawing for the Enhancement of Learning across Levels of Vision Function

    Recent scientific findings about art and drawing suggest that drawing can facilitate learning in a wide variety of domains. The proposed collaboration will develop an interdisciplinary research program aimed at harnessing the power of drawing to enhance learning across fields of intellectual endeavor.

  • Completed
    Binaural recording apparatus

    Hearing Aid for Blind Travelers with Hearing Loss

    Blind travelers rely on subtle acoustic cues for independent mobility. When hearing becomes impaired, as in the normal aging process, a special type of hearing aid may be needed to enhance these cues.