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    Motor, sensory, and perceptual dynamics of braille reading.”

    We have measured the movements of fingers while blind subjects read standardized texts using either one or two hands.

  • My Vision on Vision

    These short chapters summarize insights that I have gained from more than four decades working in vision rehabilitation.  

  • Neonatal Jaundice and Vision Loss

    High concentrations of unconjugated bilirubin are neurotoxic and cause brain damage in newborn infants. However, the exact level of bilirubin that may be neurotoxic in a given infant is unknown.

  • Neurodynamics of Braille Reading

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    Novel Method to Teach Scotoma Awareness

    This project aims to improve visual function in individuals with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD isassociated with central field loss that cannot be corrected optically.

  • Oculomotor Control

    The binocular coordination of movements of the eyes is a complex issue controlled by many brainstem nuclei, and is subject to a wide variety of forms of disruption by traumatic brain injury and oculomotor muscles disorders.

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    Outreach at Smith-Kettlewell

    Smith-Kettelwell is deeply committed to supporting our community. 

    Please see the news tab for our upcoming and ongoing events. In the News tab, you will find information about our involvement in past outreach activities.

  • overTHERE icon: Globe image with pointing finger


    overTHERE is a virtual Talking Signs iPhone app for blind and visually-impaired pedestrians that demonstrates a powerful audio/haptic interface to location information about businesses and other points of interest.

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    Parafoveal Crowding

    Crowding increases with eccentricity, and is most readily observed in the periphery. During natural, active vision however, central vision plays an important role. Measures of critical distance to estimate crowding are difficult in central vision, as these distances are small.

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    Patterns of Visual Deficits in Amblyopia

    Background Amblyopia means blunted sight in the Greek language and is a term clinicians use to describe decre

  • Reach Performance in the Absence of Eye Movements

    Aim 1 of Reaching with Central Field Loss